Ways to Make Mergers, Acquisitions and Integrations Successful

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During the pre-merger phase, attention is usually paid to the strategic fit, revolving around financial and business synergies of the two merging organizations. Planning most often focuses on the financial, legal, and regulatory aspects. Frequently, not much attention is paid to the organizational fit—the structures and styles of the two entities. Because each organization has its own unique culture—values, beliefs, priorities, history, traditions, and way of looking at the world, mergers encounter unexpected and destructive clashes.

The merger process itself triggers human and organizational dynamics with the fundamental dynamic being change. Change impacts management, individuals, work teams, and the organization in its entirety. At the announcement (or even a rumor) of a merger, productivity falls and continues to fall until the new culture gels, which is months at best and years at worst. Because self-preservation becomes paramount, employees become less willing to make decisions or take risks, executives move into holding patterns and deliberately play it safe, and everyone tries to do nothing wrong.

By applying the technology of Personalysis during the pre-merger, transition, and post-merger processes, the valley of productivity decline is lessened as is the time required to bond the new culture.

Personalysis can help you avoid:

  • Failed change
  • Resistance to change
  • Unnecessary conflict, discord, and upsets
  • Badly behaving people—fear and anger
  • Deterioration of productivity and loss of revenue

Personalysis can help you achieve:

  • Implementation of successful change
  • Managing a smooth transition
  • Understanding interpersonal differences
  • Giving individuals what they need to buy-into change
  • Effective communication

Successful mergers need a strategic game plan which is structured to deal with the predictable problems of the transition period and is flexible enough to accommodate contingencies. Because we know people, we can help you be successful.

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